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— Lorri Weisen, CEO & Founder AHNESTI Haircare. 

It’s the most certain thing in life. Something you can always count on to happen. There’s good change and bad change and no-matter which it is, it always creates chaos.

Chaos demands us to sit up and take notice, to pay attention. We react to it—mostly by habits we’ve learned— by fighting against it, running away from it, or ignoring it at all costs.

We’re trying to control something that will never go away. Not now. Not ever. So let’s stop trying. Let’s give it up. Let’s surrender to it.

We start with small changes. New habits, different thoughts. We break an unhealthy cycle by doing something we’ve never done before. We start paying attention. 

Sure can be. At first. But then it becomes easy. We learn to understand that chaos can’t be controlled—but only navigated through. And what’s the alternative anyway? Same unhappy, uncontrollable life—that’s what. 

Just remember…

happy endings
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What You'll Find Here.

You’ll find healthy and delicious recipes, tips and resources on living toxin-free, and you’ll learn how to live a more authentic and sustainable life. Quick health fixes and fad diets don’t work, and neither does meditation or exercise if you only do it once a week. Learn to make lasting changes, become more self-aware, and take good care of yourself. 

We say life is short, but that’s not the case for most of us. Life can be a long time. Are the choices you’re making now going to sustain you in 20, 30, or even 40 years? 

mind. body. spirit.

The whole is more than the sum of it's parts. Better said, all dots connect.

eat. cook. enjoy.

What we eat affects all aspects of our lives. Mood, behavior, relationships.

toxin-free. green.

Bioaccumulation is a silent health hazard. Home, environment, body.

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I'm Lorri, and my passion is helping you to Live Well.

I’m the widow of a three-time cancer hero, an entrepreneur for over 20 years, aspiring author, public speaker, and Institute for Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach (IIN). I’m a student, practitioner, and resolute believer of Transcendental Meditation, an evidence-based meditation practice proven to reduce stress and anxiety. I also practice and live by the Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, which have transformed my way of looking at the world.

Full of twists and turns, my extraordinary life has actualized me into being a go-to resource for those searching for healthy living, and I’m here to share my gifts. 

Not one to mince words—I am authentic, honest, and have a unique approach to real life situations that I share here on these pages. I hope I can help you make incremental changes in your crazy, chaotic life through my stories, healthy nutritional advice, and spiritual guidance so you can start living a sustainable life.

I live in Minneapolis and am currently writing my first memoir/self-help book titled, The Orange Door—A Story of Love, Loss & Transformation. I’m a former stylist, salon owner, green beauty manufacturer, and MN State Fair ‘carnie’ @ Fair Do’s! I learned how to develop the tools needed to ‘Live Well Through Chaos’ during my experiences with my late husband Klink—who battled Cancer and it’s complications for over 10 years.

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