Lorri Weisen - The Nomadic Health Coach
Lorri Weisen - The Nomadic Health Coach
Lorri Weisen - The Nomadic Health Coach

Hi Friend! I'm Lorri — The Nomadic Health Coach. Welcome to...

Lorri Weisen - The Nomadic Health Coach

The Live Well Perspective is a 2 year adventure that has me road tripping' across America the beautiful and Canada—exploring, experiencing, and sharing what's good!

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How this began…

While witnessing my husband, Klink, suffer for what would be over 10 years with multiple cancers and it’s complications, I had a huge wake up call about how I looked at health. Not just his, but mine as well. Frustrated by the lack of information and resources available by his health care providers to help support his body during treatments—such as nutritional and lifestyle changes—I searched out alternative methods on my own.

As you can imagine, this decade of chaos and uncertainty inevitably changed my life. I struggled with being a caregiver to my husband and helping him to stay healthy—while also trying to take care of myself. In a way my life flashed in front of my eyes and I could see my own future unfolding in a way that made me afraid. I was overwhelmed, anxious, felt completely out of control and I knew something had to change.

I learned that it was me. I had to change.

Always self-help curious, I began to fully immerse myself in new habits and techniques that supported me inside and out. I learned how to listen to my own needs and not the next fad diet, TV doctor, or best-selling cookbook. I learned that wellness is not a one-size-fits-all approach and when I connected the dots between my mind, my body, and my spirit I found I could live a satisfied and happy life amidst all the chaos that engulfed me. I learned it would behoove me to be proactive about my health, rather than be behind a prognosis and fighting for my life — like my husband Klink was. In a relatively short time my anxiety started to fade and my outlook improved.

I started to feel like I was in control of my life again.

Besides the chronic stress of coping with his disease(s), I also ran two business and suffered with IBS, SIBO, Celiac disease, FODMAP intolerance, early menopause, anxiety, and the reality of becoming a widow at a young age. I eliminated and managed many of my issues in a holistic manner through meditation, paying attention to my thoughts and words, healthy foods, toxin-free living, juicing, movement, yoga, and mindfulness—and I never looked back. These tools helped me get through the hardest of days and would serve me for years to come. I wouldn’t fully understand their effects until many years later when I found myself to be calm and present during the last few years of Klink’s life.

This was a true gift.

This is what it means to Live Well; to stay centered, clear-minded and healthy when everything is falling apart around us. It’s about choosing the best foods, cultivating the best thoughts, and living our truth so we can sustain our bodies for many years to come. No matter what the beauty magazines or mass media tells us, there is no magic potion, quick fix or happy ending to an unhappy and unhealthy life.

For most of us, life is a really long time. If we Live Well now, we’ve got a pretty good shot of Living Well later too. Even if disease or illness strikes, we’ll have the tools we need to support our bodies through the process. Living Well is how we choose to live and an effort we choose to give.

But it does require work on our behalf.

Klink died on Thanksgiving Day, 2016 after suffering for far too many years than he should have. Two months before his death, I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and trained to become a Certified Health Coach. I had been living in a holistic manner for quite some time but I knew becoming a Health Coach would elevate and inspire me to help others manage their own chaotic lives. Little would I know that this decision would not only help pull me through my grief, but also give me hope for a life I had always imagined for myself.

And now, after 2 years of decompressing from the cancer chaos, I find myself at a turning point with a newfound freedom and a new career. I’m young, healthy, active, curious, and I no longer want to live in the house we once shared—yet I have no strong desire to live anywhere else.

So I’ve decided I am going to live… e v e r y w h e r e !

I’m feeling the gentle nudge out the door (actually more of a push!) from my crazy-ghost-of-a-husband to GO and DO and LIVE. I’ve decided to take my passion for teaching wellness—combine it with my curiosity of learning and traveling—and explore a life on the road. Being a Nomadic Health Coach will allow me to tap into opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise encounter if anchored in one location. I can explore and experience what it means to Live Well and share this with others in a more expansive way.

My mission is to teach folks that a holistic approach to health is easy and doable. It isn’t all woo-woo, crystals and chanting (although I know many friends who benefit from this!) I promise to share with you my perspective on what it means to Live Well through my down-to-earth approach, simple methods, foundational systems, online education courses, and real-life experiences.

This platform is for those of you who are wellness seekers on a journey of self-discovery. Whether you are just dipping your toes in the water, are ankle deep, or totally submerged—the stories, tools and advice I’ll share with you will help keep you on your path to becoming your brave and healthy self.

Looking for credentials? Here’s my formal and my informal training!

Breathe Deep & Live Well,



Lorri Weisen; Product Director — Natural Mental Health

Natural Mental Health

Our work at Natural Mental Health (NMH) is driven by a belief that within each person, there is a powerful, innate capacity for self-healing that can be activated by the right kind of attention and support. We understand that each person is unique and complex, with many factors to consider when it comes to sustaining a vibrant sense of well-being. This understanding grounds our work so that we can offer you more empowering and effective resources that are real-world relevant.

The NMH team includes the NMH founders and integrative health pioneers, Drs. Henry Emmons and Tim Culbert, along with Dr. Aimee Prasek, a wellbeing and integrative therapies educator and researcher.

Are you struggling with mental health obstacles ? You can find solutions HERE. 

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