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It's about the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Living Well is not just about what we put in our bodies—although that is incredibly important—it’s also about what we put on our bodies, the thoughts we cultivate, the words we speak to ourselves and others, and how we choose to show up in the world everyday. 

Enjoy wellness advice, food politics, healthy nutrition, and more.

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CORONAVIRUS | How To Properly Wash Our Market Produce

Can the virus be spread through touching produce? Read on to learn how to limit your risk. **UPDATE 3/25/20** Just as rapidly as this virus is spreading, so is the information on how it is contracted.  Originally it was thought that the virus could be spread through produce. We don’t know

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Coronavirus and produce storage

Storing Our Produce For Maximum Shelf Life

How to make our produce last longer and our dollars stretch farther. Now that we know how to properly wash our produce, lets talk about storing it properly so we can get the most out of it. The less that goes in the garbage or compost bin, the farther our

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Food Label Claims

Free Range or Cage Free? What Do Food Label Claims Mean?

HOW TO READ AND UNDERSTAND FOOD LABEL CLAIMS. Words like “free-range,” “grass-fed,” “cage-free” “pasture raised” “nonGMO” “antibiotic-free” “natural,” and “organic” are everywhere these days. But what do these food label claims really mean and which are the best to choose? Many food labels can be confusing, so knowing what a

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better than bitchin' sauce

Better Than Bitchin’ Sauce | FODMAP Friendly, Gluten, Dairy, Nut and Soy Free

Problem I had with Bitchin’ Sauce® was this; being FODMAP intolerant I couldn’t eat much of it as it had “spices” listed on the ingredient label — which typically include garlic and onion. I emailed the company to inquire about the spices but never received a response. Understandable, of course, as we live in the era of recipe copycatting — which is sort of, exactly, what I just did here:)

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Shame, Regrets and The Art of Typing.

Shame, Regrets and The Art of Typing.

It took me 35 years and 6 hours to write this and it doesn’t pain me in the least that you will read it in less than 3 minutes. Over the years my friends have heard me joke that the only regret I have had in my life is that I never learned how to type. It actually was not a joke at all…

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Healthy Snickerdoodle Elixir - Nomadic Health Coach

Hot and Healthy Snickerdoodle Elixir For The Holidays

Forget the cookies! Go for this naturally sweet and healthy adult beverage and get ready for some holiday cheer.
A perfect adult beverage for the holiday season, my Hot and Healthy Snickerdoodle Elixir will satiate your craving for something sweet without adding any unnecessary holiday food guilt. Made with Licor 43—a fresh blend of 43 citrus extracts and botanicals—it needs no added sweetener.

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Fresh Almond Milk

Fresh and Easy Almond Milk.

Almond milk is the most affordable to make, however, you can substitute hazelnuts, pecans and even hemp (which is not a nut) with great success. Use as a healthy substitute for milk in almost any recipe.

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Sustainable Love

Sustainable Love

This is how it should be. Dragging our chairs to the beach to watch the day go by. Bundling up, facing each other, holding hands — yet each having a different view, a different perspective.

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Idylling Awhile In Idyllwild.

Take Your Time In Idyllwild and Get To Know This Special Place. (9 minute read.) A firetruck siren jolts us out of our Sunday morning chill session at the coffee shop and everyone freezes in their tracks., We all cautiously turn our heads towards the alarm and stare in anticipation.

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Stuck On Pismo Beach

Stuck On Pismo Beach. Literally.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to check beach camping off my bucket list, I pulled onto the sand with my truck and teardrop on a quiet Monday morning. I drove down to the RV parking area and found—what I thought was—a solid place to park. I pulled forward and back a few times to try to find level from side to side, but that ended up being a huge mistake because now my truck is stuck, and 4WD in the sand is the equivalent of spinning corn on the cob in a stick of butter.

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Dropping Klink Off In Oceanside

Dropping Klink Off In Oceanside.

I’m here. I’ve finally arrived. Eight weeks of traveling and six thousand miles towing my tiny house behind me. (7 minute read) The drive from Temecula to Oceanside had me pretty choked up. It had taken me years to get here and now I was only 30 minutes away from

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Food - Crowding Out the Bad

Food: Crowd Out The Bad To Allow For The Good

Which diet is best? Paleo? Keto? Low carb? Whole 30? 30 Day Diet? Eat For Your Blood Type? Sugar Bust? Raw? High fat or low fat? Each advocate for each dietary theory thinks theirs is the best and only way. Many advocate that they are “the chosen one” and if we don’t follow along, there is no hope for us. But we are all biologically different and what works for one may not work for another. But there is one universal rule that will definitely help us all.

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Fresh Salsa Verde

Fresh Salsa Verde

Fresh Salsa Verde Simple, tangy and versatile. This salsa verde is great for a imprompto party, a quick taco night, or a beautiful dinner party. Oooooh, the lovely and often overlooked tomatillo. These unusual looking fruits have a paper husk that hides a juicy and tangy interior that looks like

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Beauty Counter -

Safe And Effective Skin Care And Make Up —Beauty Counter

Living a toxin free lifestyle is an extremely high priority for me. After watching my husband suffer through an environmental cancer, non Hodgkins lymphoma – twice – I learned the importance of what we put on our bodies and how much it impacts our health. Skin care and make up that was safe and effective was really hard to find.

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Native Spirits Winery, Norman, Oklahoma, route 66,

My Next Stop | Native Spirits Winery; Norman, Oklahoma.

Wine, music, and rings with horseshoes, AKA gift #4. Before I was to finally make it to the west side of tornado alley, I stopped at Native Spirits Winery (a Harvest Hosts)  just south of Oklahoma City in Norman, Oklahoma. Two reasons I stayed here; 1) I was trying to get through Tornado

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Nomadic Health Coach

My Next Stop | Lake of The Ozark’s, Missouri.

Motion Sickness, a Peace Pipe Ceremony, and Gift #3. I jumped off RT 66 for a week and headed to a campground at Lake of The Ozark’s; where I half expected to see (hoped to see?) Justin Bateman and Laura Linney stashing a few million dollars in the walls of one

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Baxter Springs Kansas

My Next Stop | Baxter Springs, Kansas

White mountains and good people. The Baxter Springs Heritage Center and Museum in Kansas (Harvest Host) was my next sleeping spot. Home of Jessie James gunfights, several Bonnie and Clyde sightings, and Micky Mantle—who reportedly hit a ball 550 ft to the middle of of the Spring River at 16yrs

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Tiny Home -

Meet My New Tiny Home.

So here’s my new tiny home! I’m naming her Gratitude for many different reasons. She weighs 3100 lbs, is 21 feet long and tows like a dream.

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My Next Stop- St Louis

My Next Stop | St. Louis, Missouri.

Tornados, flooding, and my second gift. I decided to start my route west from St. Louis instead of Chicago because (1) I’ve been to Chicago multiple times and didn’t want to bring my rig near town when I didn’t have any experience towing and (2) I wanted to slow travel

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The Unexpected Detour -

The Unexpected Detour.

This unexpected detour is just what my soul needed.

If you’ve been keeping up on my stories you’d know that I flew to Nashville in late January to buy my trailer and by the time I flew home four days later, I had an offer on my house. It wasn’t even on the market yet. Six weeks later I walked out the front door of The House At Pooh Corner for the very last time

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Yes. I am afraid -

Yes. I Am Afraid.

Since I made this decision to travel the country full time, I’ve been asked the same questions over and over by countless friends, family and strangers.

“Aren’t you afraid?”

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Leaving Pooh Corner - Lorri Weisen

Leaving Pooh Corner.

Leaving Pooh Corner. (8 minute read) My late husband, Klink, named our beautiful home Pooh Corner many moon’s ago and long before we met. He had a wife and son before me and the Loggin’s and Messina song “Return To Pooh Corner”, I always believed, was his song to his

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Peanut Butter Mini Muffins - The Nomadic Health Coach

Peanut Butter Mini Muffins

Peanut Butter Mini Muffins You’re going to want to make a double batch of these babies. Peanut butter goodness in a little min-muffin. This is probably one of my favorite snacks ever. I received the recipe from my friend Jen Colletti and when I googled it – many authors came

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Watching Magic Unfold -

Watching The Magic Unfold; The Law of Attraction In Action.

Sold My House, Bought A Teardrop; Three Months Till Lift Off: I just want to start this off by saying I am physical, living proof that you can absolutely positively, manifest your dreams. In the last six months I have watched the magic in my life unfold right in front of my eyes, better than anything I could have planned myself. Almost like watching a movie of my own life while my life is still happening. This is how The Law of Attraction works.

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don't fight a cold

Don’t Fight A Cold, You Won’t Win. Do This Instead.

I think a good way to explain how natural/holistic remedies work in general is that they perform “differently than” traditional or medicinal remedies and not necessarily “better than”. I believe many skeptics give up on a natural/holistic remedies too quickly. They expect some sort of miracle to happen and when it doesn’t, they claim foul and go back to traditional routes.

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Lorri Weisen

Learning To Allow Change.

And trying not to control the uncontrollable. Well, I guess this is it. I’m not sure if I should call this the beginning of my new life and the end of my old, or just the turning of the page from one chapter to another. It feels bigger than a

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The Things We Keep

The Things We Keep.

Worn out and rough. Dirty and rugged. They touched things and held things and fixed things and built things. His hands were here. These beat up ol’ work gloves. A symbol of his existence and reminder of the man who wore them. I found them in the shed as I

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The marketing of food

The Marketing Of Food.

Obesity is not just a willpower problem. Telling someone to ‘just stop eating’ is like telling someone to ‘just stop being poor’. Why have we gained so much weight? How did High Fructose Corn Syrup (HCFC’s) get so prominent in our foods? When did super size portions get so popular? Why

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Camino cancelled

My Camino Is Cancelled

Food poisoning, appendicitis and a big change in plans. Today would have been the first day of my Camino trip —walking 550 miles across Spain to the end of the world. My flight out would’ve been this afternoon and after arriving and getting settled in, I would have begun my

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The Orange Door - Lorri Weisen

The Orange Door.

A story of love, loss and transformation. (5 minute read) Klink and I saw the end of a rainbow once. It touched down in the lake in front of our house. We felt as if we were standing inside the pot of gold—that’s reputed to be at the end of

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Camino training day one

My Camino Training: Day 1 – The Voice

Camino Training, Backpack Follies, and The Voice In My Head. (6 minute read) Training for the Camino, turns out, is a little rougher than I anticipated. Sometimes the misadventures turn out to be the best experiences of all. This, however, was a one-star day.  For me, a great part of

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Detox Bath - Live Well Through Chaos

Powerful Detox Bath

When Was The Last Time You Took A Detox Bath? Having a detox bath—by naturally flushing out the toxins from our bodies—is an important part of Living Well and keeping the chaos out of our lives; aka illness and disease. Our bodies are amazing and can handle quite a lot

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Shrimp and Zoodles - Live Well Through Chaos

Grilled Shrimp, Fresh Tomatoes And Zoodles​

A summertime garden harvest makes a delightfully fresh sauce for a single serving weeknight dinner. Topped with succulent grilled shrimp, this recipe is a home-run.   Tomatoes and Zucchini’s are ripe for the picking and this recipe showcases them both in a light and fresh sauce that can be whipped

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Spain - My Camino Journey

My Solo Journey Walking Across Spain.

Walking Across Spain To Make My Life Bigger. (7 minute read) In approximately eight weeks I’ll be setting out on an 800 km (500 miles) walk across northern Spain. I’m planning for my solo journey to take me between 5-7 weeks and I hope to check out Madrid and Barcelona

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The Things I Didn’t Learn In School.

This is where all the really good stuff is. The things one doesn’t learn in school, but only by living an extraordinary life. When I say extraordinary I’m not implying my life has been all rainbows and unicorns, on the contrary, it’s been rather strange and heartbreaking, wonderful and confusing,

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Farmers Market

12 Tips On How To Shop A Farmers Market.

It’s summer in Minnesota and the farmers markets are in full swing. Living in Minneapolis I have the advantage of choosing from dozens of local markets within an easy 20 mile radius of my home. Farmers Markets in Minnesota dot the landscape in abundance and it seems as if you

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Toxic Fragrance: What’s Lurking Underneath.

We’ve believed for years that we can only acquire the perfect color and style by suffering through noxious smells and chemical-laden products at the salon. I’m here to report that this is not only a false belief that we’ve had, but that organic salons are starting to become a trend. Actually, they’ve been around for some time, but just like all good things, you need to know how to look for them.

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Histamine Intolerance

The Real Secret Behind Histamine Intolerance.

No, it’s not DAO or eliminating the trigger foods. We’ve heard all that before. In fact, that’s all we know about Histamine Intolerance —until now. (11 Minute Read) Histamine Intolerance (HI) is a fairly new allergy disorder that is starting to gain in popularity. On the interwebs, no one can explain

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toxin free hair care

Toxin Free Hair Care That Actually Works

We’ve believed for years that we can only acquire the perfect color and style by suffering through noxious smells and chemical-laden products at the salon. I’m here to report that this is not only a false belief that we’ve had, but that organic salons are starting to become a trend. Actually, they’ve been around for some time, but just like all good things, you need to know how to look for them.

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cauliflower jalapeño soup

Creamy Cauliflower Jalapeno Soup

Creamy Cauliflower and Jalapeño Soup This is Cauliflower for haters. Who would think to put cauliflower and jalapeño together? I would, that’s who. I’m going to start by being completely honest with you. I really don’t like cauliflower. At all. But I’m always on a quest to figure out how

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bone broth

Crock Pot Bone Broth

Turns out chicken soup is not only good for the soul, but it also is good for our immune system, our belly, and our joints.   You don’t need to slave over a hot stove all day, cooking down stock. This recipes uses that fancy appliance we all have tucked

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ghee- lorri weisen

Crock Pot Ghee

Lactose and Casein free clarified butter—better known as Ghee—can be simple and affordable.   Butter, butter, delicious butter! Well, not so delicious for those of us with a dairy intolerance. The culprits are typically the lactose (sugars) and casein (milk proteins) that end up giving us the most distress and

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Chicken Apple and Walnut Salad

This powerhouse protein salad will kill every craving you have. It’s sweet and tart, creamy and crunchy. Crisp and refreshing Chicken Apple Walnut Salad is nuthin’ but goodness. Chicken Apple Walnut Salad is a weekday go-to salad in my house. If I’ve just made my Baked Half-Chicken, I’ll remove all the

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chicken recipe

Crispy Baked Half-Chicken With Fresh Herbs

Simple and delicious baked chicken halves. Easy-peasy, and perfect every time.  There’s nothing better than delicious and juicy baked chicken – if done right. Crispy skin (thank you Ghee) and delicious dark and tender breast meat make this a weekly go-to winner winner chicken dinner. And bonus! It’s crazy simple.

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New Year 16 - Lorri Weisen

Wherever You Go, You Take Yourself With You.

How have your goals and desires been working out for you? (4 Minute Read) Are you achieving the goals you set out to accomplish at the turn of the new year? How have they been working out for you? Contrary to what we have been taught, determination, motivation, and even

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Masala Chai Tea Concentrate

Masala Chai Tea Concentrate – Decaf Style

The purpose of Chai tea is not just the delicious blend of spices, but the mindfulness experienced when creating it. A much healthier version of the Starbucks Chai Tea latte, this homemade Masala Chai Tea is a powerful blend of spices, herbs, and a beautiful and healthy Rooibos decaffeinated tea.

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Becoming a widow - Lorri Weisen

6 Insights From My Inaugural Year as a Widow. ​

High Five. I made It through the “Year of Firsts”. Now what?​ As you can imagine, my first year as a widow has been full of sadness, contemplation, growth, melancholy, frustration, love, anger, laughter and appreciation. And sometimes that all happens within the same hour.

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healthy cabbage crunch salad

Healthy Cabbage Crunch Salad

Salads aren’t just for warm weather! This Healthy Cabbage Crunch Salad is hearty enough to satisfy your palette any time of the year.  The key to the deliciousness of this Healthy Cabbage Crunch Salad is the dynamic fusion of flavors; bosc pear, jalepeno, sesame and of course, cabbage! It’s accomplished

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CLOSED ahnesti haircare

Why I Closed My Company — AHNESTI Haircare.

Sometimes we have to let go of the things we love, in order to make space for what’s coming next. Or – why I closed AHNESTI Haircare. (7 Minute Read) My company is closed and here’s why. I’ve wanted to help people live a more sustainable life since as far

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healthy eat cook enjoy

Eat. Cook. Enjoy. This Is How I Roll.

Understanding the foundation of how I shop, cook, create, and enjoy healthy and delicious recipes. The first thing I ever created was an apple pie—baked from scratch with the apples from our own backyard tree and my grandma’s secret recipe—when I was 7 years old. I guess you can say

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mind body spirit

Mind. Body. Spirit. Connecting The Dots.

It’s not all woo-woo. Chaos is internal as well as external and understanding the connection of dots between mind, body, and spirit can actually help you feel happier and live healthier. Most folks get all uncomfortable when you say these three words together. Mind. Body. Spirit. as if there’s some

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dear 2016

Dear 2016, I Won’t Punch You In The Throat.

I won’t punch you in the throat, however, I may be the only one. Seems everyone is pretty upset with you because Carrie Fischer just died. And then her mother died. And a few days ago George Michael. Don’t forget about David Bowie and Prince. They also died this year.

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