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To Live Well we need to take care of all aspects of ourselves. Our minds, bodies and spirits. Eating all the kale on the planet isn’t going to make us healthy if we are miserable at work or struggling with a relationship. Our emotions are tied to our brains and our guts. They all have to work together synergistically in order for us to be at our best. 

  1. Food cravings strike when we are exhausted, not getting enough sleep and not drinking enough water.
  2. Stress causes us to indulge in unhealthy foods which leads to self-loathing and depression. 
  3. Anger, resentment, overwhelm. Much of this is caused by a nutrient-poor diet, lack of daily movement, and no quality “down-time”.

When our bodies are clear, our minds are clear. 

When we eliminate sugar, processed foods, unhealthy carbs, soft drinks, artificial flavors and junk foods we feel better and have more clarity. This leads to better decision making which benefits us and those around us. 

When our minds are clear, we make better choices.

It's a rare thing to make healthy decision's when we're stressed out. If we take time to reboot our brains everyday we give ourselves the opportunity to think before we react. This helps us to be intentional and mindful with our choices.

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Let It Go.

Almost 20% of the U.S. population suffers from anxiety and stress. 

Wouldn’t you rather be part of the 80%? That’s entirely up to you my friend. 

Take control of your anxiety, stress and overwhelm once and for all by implementing three steps. It’s all you’ll ever need to regain the peace and calm you’ve been searching for. 

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Clean It Up.

Problems with blood sugar kill nearly four million people a year.

Have you ever said…”Oh, I know I shouldn’t be eating this but…”

Want to cut back on your sugar intake but not sure where to begin? My 10 Day Sugar Cleanse will give you the tools you need to reboot your system and create a healthy relationship with sugar. 

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10 Ways To Live Well - Lorri Weisen

Start Living Well.

Isn’t it time you felt really good about your life?

There are no quick fixes. But there ARE fixes.

It’s taken us a lifetime of unhealthy choices to get to the place we are. Why do we think there’s an easy button to reverse it? Sustainable habits are what change us, not fad diets and trends.

Download now and learn the 10 steps to Live Well.