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My Next Stop.

Traveling the country in a teardrop trailer named Gratitude. This is, literally, how I roll now. 

These are stories of the places I’ve stayed. Some have been at a camp for several weeks, some just a day or two. 

This is not your typical “10 Things To Do In [insert city, town, park here] but rather my experiences and take on a particular place—and the effect it had on me. 

I like to find the heart.

Stop back often, I’m catching up!

Native Spirits Winery, Norman, Oklahoma, route 66,

My Next Stop | Native Spirits Winery; Norman, Oklahoma.

Wine, music, and rings with horseshoes, AKA gift #4. Before I was to finally make it to the west side of tornado alley, I stopped at Native Spirits Winery (a Harvest Hosts)  just south of Oklahoma City in Norman, Oklahoma. Two reasons I stayed here; 1) I was trying to get through Tornado

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Baxter Springs Kansas

My Next Stop | Baxter Springs, Kansas

White mountains and good people. The Baxter Springs Heritage Center and Museum in Kansas (Harvest Host) was my next sleeping spot. Home of Jessie James gunfights, several Bonnie and Clyde sightings, and Micky Mantle—who reportedly hit a ball 550 ft to the middle of of the Spring River at 16yrs

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Nomadic Health Coach

My Next Stop | Lake of The Ozark’s, Missouri.

Motion Sickness, a Peace Pipe Ceremony, and Gift #3. I jumped off RT 66 for a week and headed to a campground at Lake of The Ozark’s; where I half expected to see (hoped to see?) Justin Bateman and Laura Linney stashing a few million dollars in the walls of one

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My Next Stop- St Louis

My Next Stop | St. Louis, Missouri.

Tornados, flooding, and my second gift. I decided to start my route west from St. Louis instead of Chicago because (1) I’ve been to Chicago multiple times and didn’t want to bring my rig near town when I didn’t have any experience towing and (2) I wanted to slow travel

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