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On demand health coaching

You follow your own beat.  

By now you’ve concluded that what works for another person, doesn’t always work for you.

Let’s design a health protocol that specifically fits your own health goals and lifestyle.

Virtual and personalized with no commitments. 

My On Demand Health Coaching is the most efficient and cost-effective way to improve your health.

Virtual and personalized—with no commitments.

What type of health coach am I? A nomadic one first all! I travel the country full time in my teardrop trailer and handsome Ford F-150; Gratitude and Cal (aka the Big Kahuna.) My coaching practice is virtual which means it’s streamlined and and time-conscious to fit your crazy — and perhaps unconventional — lifestyle. Want to learn more about me? Click here >>

I believe strongly that prevention and supplementation should precede diagnosis and prescription. And I also believe that a one-size-all approach to diet, nutrition and movement is unrealistic. Each of us has our own unique body constitution based on our genetics, ethnicity, age, and lifestyle and it affects how we feel and behave. It also affects how our bodies respond to causes of illness. Unwanted health conditions and illnesses arise when the body becomes imbalanced. For example the Keto diet may work great for your neighbor but you may have found the pounds creeping back up in the long run. 

We identify uniquely with our own wants and needs.

My purpose is to guide and inspire you to healthier lifestyle habits during the pandemic and well beyond. We are all being challenged right now, with some more than others; the news is exhausting us, the isolation is boring us, the pounds are creeping up on us, and our mental health and relationships are at stake. We are feeling out of control and out of sorts.

But it’s not the end of the world (even if it seems like it) and it’s not an excuse to ignore our health. It is ESPECIALLY not the time to ignore our health. In fact, now is the time to invest in it more robustly than you have ever done in your life. Think of my advice about your health the same way you would think of stock market advice; Buy Low – Sell High. My health advice is; Invest Now – Benefit Always. And just like investing in stocks or real estate, there’s no better time to begin than right now.

Start from where you are.

You are safe here. I do not judge or condemn any behavior, lifestyle habits or choices you currently have or have made in the past. I get it. I’ve been there too. It doesn’t matter how you got to your current state of health, what matters is what you do about it now. My job is to support and guide you to make healthy decisions that allow you to live the life you dream of—whether that’s traveling around the country like I am or spending time at home with your friends and family. The possibility of a happy future depends on good health.

I specialize in the following areas:

  • Digestive wellness
  • Weight loss
  • Celiac disease 
  • Food intolerances
  • Histamine intolerance
  • FODMAP intolerance
  • Nutritional health and dietary support
  • Immune support
  • Caregiving support
  • Cancer support
  • Women’s health, hormone and sexual support
  • Healthy beauty
  • Coping with chaos and chronic stress
  • General health and well-being for men and women
  • High quality supplements
  • Healthy detoxing 

No commitments, no lengthly programs, no monthly financial obligation. (Don't you have enough on your plate already?)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up (contract included)
  2. Make a one-time payment
  3. Receive an email with next steps
  4. Submit your Health History
  5. Receive a calendar invite for our one-hour coaching session
  6. Follow up email with protocols and recommendations

Pretty simple. 

Most coaches want a 6 month commitment but my 20+ years as an entrepreneur taught me how to build effective and efficient systems that produce lasting results. 

How On-Demand Coaching Works

  • When you sign up for a coaching session with me you will receive a welcome email with a link to a secure online Health History form. After submitting the form you will receive an email with a packet of “homework” including instructions on how to proceed. There is also a brief questionnaire at payment checkout so I can create a file for you and get to work.
  • Once you’ve received your welcome email, please give yourself at least 20 minutes to read through the instructions and 60-90 minutes to fill out the Health History form. You can do this at your own pace. There will be an option to save and return to the form in case you have an interruption. You will also receive a preview of the Health History so you can take the time to prepare your answers. The more detailed and thorough you are with the Health History the better our coaching session will be—and the more you’ll benefit.
  • After you have submitted your Health History I will send you a calendar invite for a one-hour phone or video call with me (your preference.) This will be scheduled for 7 – 10 days out in order for me to study your Health History and create a personalized protocol for you.
  • We have our one hour coaching session! (See below.)
  • Payment is due at time of sign up. This allows me to protect my coaching practice, my proprietary information and the protocols that I use to help my clients. It’s the equivalent of sitting with me in my office for your coaching session and being surrounded with bookshelves and filing cabinets full of resources—and me—except it is virtual instead.
  • I do not offer refunds, however, you can take all the time you need. I will be here for you when you are ready to proceed. The minute I receive your payment I get to work creating your personalized coaching session. We do not schedule a video/phone call session until I receive your Health History and so the ball is in your court. Again, this is a virtual office space and is treated in the same manner as if it were a brick and mortar space. Our session just happens to be spread out over several days—with most of the work being done digitally—instead of a 1 1/2 hour appointment in my office.

Included in our one-hour coaching session

A get-to-know-you chat; we will review your Health History together and discuss your primary health concerns and goals. I will be asking you specific questions and dive deep into your main challenges. The more personal we get the better I can help you.

I will have a “rough draft” of your personalized protocol put together for you ahead of time and will adjust based on our conversation. I say “rough draft” because our conversation is the key to understanding more about you, your needs and your health goals.

Your protocol can include a combination of recommendation and/or changes to your current regiment along with professional supplements. All are personalized specifically for you based on your Health History and our coaching call.

Within 24-48 hours of our conversation you will receive an email with a recap of your coaching session. Included in this email will be my protocol and plan custom designed specifically for you. It may include, but is not limited to, some of the following:

    • Food and nutrition recommendations and/or eliminations that fit your lifestyle
    • Elimination diet (with instructions and guide) to asses triggers
    • My supplement and vitamin recommendations (Xymogen, Orthomolecular, Designs for Health) with access to my professional online dispensaries.
    • Possible lifestyle changes
    • Movement and exercise advice that fits your body needs and limitations
    • Recommendations of books and reading material that target your specific needs
    • Other product recommendations to target specific issues you may have. This could include aromatherapy, alternative therapies and other methods.


Get on the list to learn more about On Demand Health Coaching with the introductory price of 


Need a follow-up appointment?

Maybe you need a little tweaking or an adjustment on your supplements? Did a health issue arise that you need some advice about? Have you gotten off-track and need a refresher? Would you like a kitchen fridge and pantry overhaul? How about a virtual grocery store tour?

Whatever it is, I’m still here for you. Our previous communications and work get archived and I can dust them off at any time. You will simply need to fill out a quick form at payment checkout and then we can begin again!

Schedule a follow-up appointment anytime you need—as often as you need—and we’ll dive back in together.

Stop back for a refresher whenever you need to. We'll start where we last left off.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your previous agreement with me is still valid
  2. I still have your Health History and protocol
  3. Click on the button for payment
  4. Fill out the questions at payment
  5. Receive a calendar invite for our one-hour coaching session
  6. Follow up email with protocols and recommendations

Again, pretty simple. 

On-Demand Health Coaching. It’s designed to work for you only when you need guidance and advice. No long-term contracts or commitments.