lorri weisen the journey

The Journey.

A life kind of journey…

These are my personal stories.

I write about my travels and the experiences I’ve had along the road—and a few before I left. My stories are about life, loss, chance encounters, and a crazy ghost that sometimes travels along side of me.

Part travel blog, part memoir—but always fully from my heart and soul. 

I appreciate your patience as I catch up on my stories, I’ve just recently learned how  to type!



Shame, Regrets and The Art of Typing.

Shame, Regrets and The Art of Typing.

It took me 35 years and 6 hours to write this and it doesn’t pain me in the least that you will read it in less than 3 minutes. Over the years my friends have heard me joke that the only regret I have had in my life is that I never learned how to type. It actually was not a joke at all…

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Idylling Awhile In Idyllwild.

Take Your Time In Idyllwild and Get To Know This Special Place. (9 minute read.) A firetruck siren jolts us out of our Sunday morning chill session at the coffee shop and everyone freezes in their tracks., We all cautiously turn our heads towards the alarm and stare in anticipation.

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Stuck On Pismo Beach

Stuck On Pismo Beach. Literally.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to check beach camping off my bucket list, I pulled onto the sand with my truck and teardrop on a quiet Monday morning. I drove down to the RV parking area and found—what I thought was—a solid place to park. I pulled forward and back a few times to try to find level from side to side, but that ended up being a huge mistake because now my truck is stuck, and 4WD in the sand is the equivalent of spinning corn on the cob in a stick of butter.

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Dropping Klink Off In Oceanside

Dropping Klink Off In Oceanside.

I’m here. I’ve finally arrived. Eight weeks of traveling and six thousand miles towing my tiny house behind me. (7 minute read) The drive from Temecula to Oceanside had me pretty choked up. It had taken me years to get here and now I was only 30 minutes away from

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Native Spirits Winery, Norman, Oklahoma, route 66,

My Next Stop | Native Spirits Winery; Norman, Oklahoma.

Wine, music, and rings with horseshoes, AKA gift #4. Before I was to finally make it to the west side of tornado alley, I stopped at Native Spirits Winery (a Harvest Hosts)  just south of Oklahoma City in Norman, Oklahoma. Two reasons I stayed here; 1) I was trying to get through Tornado

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Nomadic Health Coach

My Next Stop | Lake of The Ozark’s, Missouri.

Motion Sickness, a Peace Pipe Ceremony, and Gift #3. I jumped off RT 66 for a week and headed to a campground at Lake of The Ozark’s; where I half expected to see (hoped to see?) Justin Bateman and Laura Linney stashing a few million dollars in the walls of one

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Baxter Springs Kansas

My Next Stop | Baxter Springs, Kansas

White mountains and good people. The Baxter Springs Heritage Center and Museum in Kansas (Harvest Host) was my next sleeping spot. Home of Jessie James gunfights, several Bonnie and Clyde sightings, and Micky Mantle—who reportedly hit a ball 550 ft to the middle of of the Spring River at 16yrs

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Tiny Home - lorriweisen.com

Meet My New Tiny Home.

So here’s my new tiny home! I’m naming her Gratitude for many different reasons. She weighs 3100 lbs, is 21 feet long and tows like a dream.

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My Next Stop- St Louis

My Next Stop | St. Louis, Missouri.

Tornados, flooding, and my second gift. I decided to start my route west from St. Louis instead of Chicago because (1) I’ve been to Chicago multiple times and didn’t want to bring my rig near town when I didn’t have any experience towing and (2) I wanted to slow travel

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The Unexpected Detour - lorriweisen.com

The Unexpected Detour.

This unexpected detour is just what my soul needed.

If you’ve been keeping up on my stories you’d know that I flew to Nashville in late January to buy my trailer and by the time I flew home four days later, I had an offer on my house. It wasn’t even on the market yet. Six weeks later I walked out the front door of The House At Pooh Corner for the very last time

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Yes. I am afraid - lorriweisen.com

Yes. I Am Afraid.

Since I made this decision to travel the country full time, I’ve been asked the same questions over and over by countless friends, family and strangers.

“Aren’t you afraid?”

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Leaving Pooh Corner - Lorri Weisen

Leaving Pooh Corner.

Leaving Pooh Corner. (8 minute read) My late husband, Klink, named our beautiful home Pooh Corner many moon’s ago and long before we met. He had a wife and son before me and the Loggin’s and Messina song “Return To Pooh Corner”, I always believed, was his song to his

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Watching Magic Unfold - www.lorriweisen.com

Watching The Magic Unfold; The Law of Attraction In Action.

Sold My House, Bought A Teardrop; Three Months Till Lift Off: I just want to start this off by saying I am physical, living proof that you can absolutely positively, manifest your dreams. In the last six months I have watched the magic in my life unfold right in front of my eyes, better than anything I could have planned myself. Almost like watching a movie of my own life while my life is still happening. This is how The Law of Attraction works.

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Lorri Weisen

Learning To Allow Change.

And trying not to control the uncontrollable. Well, I guess this is it. I’m not sure if I should call this the beginning of my new life and the end of my old, or just the turning of the page from one chapter to another. It feels bigger than a

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The Things We Keep

The Things We Keep.

Worn out and rough. Dirty and rugged. They touched things and held things and fixed things and built things. His hands were here. These beat up ol’ work gloves. A symbol of his existence and reminder of the man who wore them. I found them in the shed as I

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Camino cancelled

My Camino Is Cancelled

Food poisoning, appendicitis and a big change in plans. Today would have been the first day of my Camino trip —walking 550 miles across Spain to the end of the world. My flight out would’ve been this afternoon and after arriving and getting settled in, I would have begun my

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The Orange Door - Lorri Weisen

The Orange Door.

A story of love, loss and transformation. (5 minute read) Klink and I saw the end of a rainbow once. It touched down in the lake in front of our house. We felt as if we were standing inside the pot of gold—that’s reputed to be at the end of

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Camino training day one

My Camino Training: Day 1 – The Voice

Camino Training, Backpack Follies, and The Voice In My Head. (6 minute read) Training for the Camino, turns out, is a little rougher than I anticipated. Sometimes the misadventures turn out to be the best experiences of all. This, however, was a one-star day.  For me, a great part of

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Spain - My Camino Journey

My Solo Journey Walking Across Spain.

Walking Across Spain To Make My Life Bigger. (7 minute read) In approximately eight weeks I’ll be setting out on an 800 km (500 miles) walk across northern Spain. I’m planning for my solo journey to take me between 5-7 weeks and I hope to check out Madrid and Barcelona

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The Things I Didn’t Learn In School.

This is where all the really good stuff is. The things one doesn’t learn in school, but only by living an extraordinary life. When I say extraordinary I’m not implying my life has been all rainbows and unicorns, on the contrary, it’s been rather strange and heartbreaking, wonderful and confusing,

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Becoming a widow - Lorri Weisen

6 Insights From My Inaugural Year as a Widow. ​

High Five. I made It through the “Year of Firsts”. Now what?​ As you can imagine, my first year as a widow has been full of sadness, contemplation, growth, melancholy, frustration, love, anger, laughter and appreciation. And sometimes that all happens within the same hour.

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