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Top Picks! Green Skin Care For Summer.​

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Green Skin Care Picks - Lorri Weisen

Our radical facialist Savita is back to give her advice on the best "green" skin care lines to pick this summer. (4 minute read)

While the days show summer may be heading to a close, it’s by no means over! It’s early August, a steamy 93* in Minneapolis and looks to continue that way for a stretch. Savita Bettaglio—our radical facialist— is back with her top picks for green skin care, a soothing foot bath ritual, and her advice on ditching the multi-step skin care regimens. If you recall, her last post explained the different shades of green beauty and this time around she explains you only need three things in your beauty routine to achieve beautiful skin – and as a holistic Aesthetician, she should know!


Hello again!

Here I sit after a walk in the prairie, where milkweed and Queen Anne’s lace are bountiful, the monarchs are dancing from flower to flower and the birds are singing away. You could eat this day and feel quite nourished. I live for nature fixes and would be lost without Mother Earth. This is the place I come from when I make choices about skin care, food, toys for my son and pretty much everything else.

Each time I ask what will nourish me and sustain what I love, the answer is always nature.

When it comes to skin products, there are mountains of green and not so green options. I want to share a few of my favorites. (The greenest of green of course!) These products offer transparency, integrity, efficacy and heart.

But first, as someone who has seen and cared for many different skin types, I also want to tell you that there is no single product that will change your skin. Nor will a whole bathroom full of multi-step products deliver the results they promise. (Not to mention the environmental impact they contribute and the dent in your pocketbook!) 

That is probably a taboo thing to say as an Aesthetician as part of what I do for a living is sell homecare products to support your skin. But I firmly believe it’s an inside job for the most part, everything from what you eat to how you handle stress.

So, go outside and ground yourself.

Follow your heart. Look inside for your answers. We could all benefit from a minimal lifestyle, and when we make healthy choices our skin will glow. If then, you want to put some healthy icing on that cake, natural products can be medicinal, evoke creativity in beauty rituals, protect, nourish and help heal. (Some of the brands I recommend are listed below).

Meanwhile, give yourself a little extra “you” time and enjoy these simple rituals curated by Mother Nature.

Summer Beauty Ritual:

You will need a bucket or larger bowl, one lemon, a handful of pretty flowers, a mirror, two slices of cucumbers and your favorite mask (you can use manuka honey, plain full fat greek yogurt or coconut milk too). Finally, a piece of fruit or a veggie that is in season and looks appealing to you.

  • Cool foot soak with lemon (essential oil, cut lemons or lemon bath from Dr. Hauschka): Just grab a big bowl, tub or bucket and add some fresh cool water (warm water is fine too if that would feel better to you), flowers, leaves and lemons.
  • Sit down and put your feet in the pretty water for 5 minutes.
  • Mirror work “I love you!” Get out that mirror, hold it up to your face and take a look. Regardless of what you see, tell yourself, “I love you.” If it makes you giggle that’s ok! If you have to fake it to make it that’s ok too! The beauty of this exercise is that we are what we believe, and you are made of love…amp that shit up baby! I Love You!
  • Eye rest with cucumbers: While you relax apply your favorite mask (ideally this is set out next to you, so you can keep soaking and sitting while you mask). Or laydown, that’s great too. Use a few slices of fresh cucumber and place over the eyes. Did you know cucumbers are rich in vitamins that help the eye area chill out?!

To wrap up this ritual, eat watermelon or a fresh vegetable that is in season right now. Eating what’s in season will help your skin’s internal SPF factors/antioxidant and mineral levels. That’s nice to know!

Bon appetit and glow on!

In terms of basic skincare, your daily regimen need only consist of three things:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner/Hydrosol
  • Moisturizer

If you want to add a weekly mask, an eye product or serum, you can still keep it simple. Shifting at-home care with the help of a professional that you trust (or simply using your own intuition) is great, as needed or seasonally.

As promised, here’s my Top Picks!

To distinguish the difference between Professional and Over The Counter; Professional are lines sold through pro spas with licensed skin experts. Over The Counter lines can be purchased directly at Target or Whole Foods. All are very good and everything listed can be purchased online (links are included). Take a look around and see what speaks to you and your lifestyle!

Professional lines:

Over The Counter lines:

*I have no affiliation with any of these lines. I only use and recommend!  I also trust CREDO Beauty and the DETOX Market as great resources!

If you have tried something out you think should be added to this list, feel free to comment below.

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