From the environment we live or work in, to the personal care products we use, to our planet. Toxins are everywhere.

That sounds quite frightening doesn’t it!? Yikes. Well, it’s meant to get your attention. It’s quite true actually. But the good news is, our bodies are built to withstand a lot and have a built in immune system that protects us. The bad news is, we aren’t usually aware we are being exposed, or we unconsciously make choices that put us in harms way. 

Just as there are hundreds of ways we are damaging the environment, there are many ways we are changing things for the better. Just as there are thousands of products harming our bodies, there are plenty of companies creating healthy, toxin-free formulas. And just as damaging as we think it all is, there are ways we can minimize our risk and live healthy lives. 

You just have to know where to look and news flash! mainstream media isn’t one of the places. 

The squeaky wheel gets the grease and so we are not always aware of the good products being created or the innovative companies changing the world we live in, to the healthy alternative available. While politics and the FDA have a stranglehold on us (or we think they do), there are individuals and companies breaking ground with new technology and innovative ideas that will better our future. 

Did you know the average woman applies over 125 chemicals to her body before she even walks out the door in the morning? Have you ever thought about how much plastic you touch before you get in your car to drive to work—your alarm clock, toothbrush, coffee maker, refrigerator, food containers, phone, computer—you get the picture? The point is, chemicals are everywhere. 

Let’s look at how we can eliminate our exposure and create a healthy environment. That could be reducing the types of cleaning chemicals we use, eliminating cheap make-up and skin care loaded with toxins, and applying organic compost and fertilizers to our gardens and yards.

It’s not that hard. It just takes an open mind and a willingness to try something different. 

This is a topic that’s close to my heart. My husband’s first cancer was non Hodgkins lymphoma—an environmental cancer. His career had him working with a plethora of solvents and chemicals and he was also exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam. I was a hairstylist and salon owner and worked in an environment I always say was “better living through chemistry”. His cancer(s) changed the way I looked at my environment and the products I was using and opened up my eyes to the bigger picture of not just my own sustainability, but also planet sustainability. 

Living a toxin-free and green lifestyle is a major component to Living Well Through Chaos. We are highly vulnerable  to chemicals in our beauty, hair and personal care products, and indoor/outdoor environments. This can have a decidedly negative affect on our bodies including cancers, respiratory, hormonal, and skin conditions. The good news is that we have more control over the unwanted affects than we think. While we can’t escape every toxin out there we can certainly support our bodies and our health by choosing chemical-free whenever possible. This is an aspect of Living Well! When we Live Well, chaos has less of an opportunity to affect us, and subsequently, those around us.

Ready to get started?

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Breathe Deep and Live Well,

lorri weisen