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Feeling like a hot mess these days?

Is there too much chaos and confusion in your life? Wish your days flowed a little better?

Stick around and I’ll show you how to…

live well through chaos.

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how do we begin to

live well through chaos?

It's less about what WE DO

and more about how WE BE.

Living Well Through Chaos is a method of living our lives so we can be happy, satisfied and fulfilled no matter what the circumstances are that surround us. 

It’s about paying attention to the choices we make today—because they will either positively or negatively affect our lives for decades to come. 

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It's about...

being aware of

...how we feel.

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Why Sugar?

Simply stated, sugar mucks up our guts, damages our microbiome, causes hormonal imbalance, and creates inflammation.

Inflammation is the precursor to Alzheimer’s, arthritis, asthma, atherosclerosis, Crohn’s disease, colitis, dermatitis, diverticulitis, fibromyalgia, hepatitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and thyroid issues and more.

Most importantly, inflammation is linked to Cancer. Anything that intensifies inflammation in the body also simultaneously increases cell proliferation and so the more sugar we consume, the higher our Cancer risk. 

Why Meditation?

Meditation helps to build up our resilience to stress and so when it does strike, it doesn’t take us down. It takes the edge off our days and allows us to see things from a broader perspective — and not a close-minded and closed-off point of view.

Meditation builds up our confidence and gives us the feeling of security and safety that we are so often looking outside of ourselves for. We become more centered, grounded, and even-tempered and less dependent on the outer world or other people for our sense of stability, peace, fulfillment and freedom.

We avoid impulsive reactions and make thoughtful and appropriate decisions in difficult situations. We learn to trust ourselves.

Our goal is to

  • Feel organized and effective with our thoughts, words and actions.
  • Understand what healthy nutrition really is and how food affects our mood and behavior.
  • Stay calm and in control whenever a crisis, problem, or issue arises.
  • Connect the dots between all three—our Body, Mind & Spirit.

I’m Lorri Weisen. I’m a free-spirited widow who spent over 10 years in complete chaos. I watched my husband battle through 3 cancers, COPD, heart failure, and multiple complications before losing his life on Thanksgiving Day, 2016. 

I spent the first 8 years of this decade teaching myself “coping” tools and techniques that would help me navigate more calmly through the crisis. Inevitably, these tools helped me spend the last two years of his life with centeredness, clarity, and unconditional love — and less confusion and chaos.

Watching him suffer over the years was a true wake-up call for me and I learned the importance of taking care of myself—my whole self—which is my mind, my body, and my spirit. I came to understand how all the dots connect together and that I could still Live Well regardless of the conditions.

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The whole is more than the sum of it's parts. Better said, all the dots connect.

Bioaccumulation is a silent health hazard. Home, environment, body—it all adds up.

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10 years of chaos and it's time for new beginnings and the journey of a lifetime.