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Hi Friend! I'm Lorri — The Nomadic Health Coach.

And this is The Live Well Perspective.

Join me as I leave my former life behind and road trip full time across America the beautiful and Canada—exploring, experiencing, and sharing what's good.

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What Does It Mean To LIVE WELL?


Understanding the difference—when we make decisions— if we are coming from a place of alignment and clarity or if we are under the influence of stress.


  • Listening to the words we speak to others and taking a moment to breathe before reacting.
  • Understanding that a difficult situation is only temporary and solutions are always available if we look for them.
  • Speaking kindly about ourselves—and others—and respecting our words.
  • Knowing when to take a pause and start looking at a situation with tactical empathy.
  • Being intentional and aware about the choices we make everyday.


Paying attention to the nutrition and lifestyle choices we make today—because they will either positively or negatively affect our health for decades to come.


  • Understanding that what we eat affects all aspects of our lives—our mood, attitude, behavior and relationships.
  • Making small and simple changes that will affect how we’ll live in the future. 
  • Understanding where food comes from, how it’s governed and why we really need to care. 
  • Knowing the importance of moving our bodies everyday. 
  • Creating healthy and easy recipes that nourish and support our bodies.


Being satisfied and at peace in tough situations or no matter what the circumstances are that surround us. To be OK when things are out of our control.


  • Understanding that we cannot control the outcome of situations, we can only choose how we react.
  • Slowing down so we can be mindful of who we choose to be and how we choose to live. 
  • Finding space for ourselves daily so we can show up in the world as a better human being. 
  • Being conscious of our connection to the center part of us—our soul— and listening to and being receptive of the guidance. 

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