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I’m Lorri—a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Storyteller, and Nomad. 

Join me as I road trip full time across America the beautiful and Canada—exploring, experiencing, and sharing what’s good.

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CALM in the Time of Coronavirus

A Free Online Resilience Retreat

A free online program to help us build individual and community resilience during this stressful time.

March 30 – May 20  |  Live Talks Wednesdays @ 7pm CT

Led by Henry Emmons, MD

Bonus! Resilience resources for Parents & Kids led by Tim Culbert, MD.  

By clicking the link, you will leave this site and be directed to the Natural Mental Health website. 


This is how I roll now….literally! I became a widow at the age of 49, and after two years of decompressing, processing, grieving, and finally finding my new normal—I decided that waiting around for life to start happening again wasn’t my jam. 

So I went out to find life.

I bought a new truck, a teardrop trailer, sold my house, and now travel the country full time—experiencing life and all it has to offer. 

I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach, aspiring writer, Health and Wellness expert for Girl Camper, and Business Operations Consultant for Natural Mental Health. Everything I do revolves around the well-being of our body, mind and spirit.

 I call this…Living Well. 

You can read about my journey and why I choose this unconventional lifestyle  >> here. 

Lorri Weisen and Gratitude

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Waking up to the surf underneath my trailer, exploring wine country in Sonoma, or finding Llamas strolling down a quiet Oregon beach—you just never know what could happen next! Facebook and Instagram are where you can live vicariously through my adventures while also learning how to be healthy and well!

Head over to the Live Well blog for wellness advice, food politics, healthy nutrition, and more.

Head over to the The Journey blog for personal stories, travels and the experiences I’ve had along the road.

As an online Holistic Health Coach, my job is to help you understand that the body, mind, and spirit all connect together to create optimum well-being. Eating all the kale on the planet won’t help us to thrive, if we continue to cultivate negative patterns and behaviors. 

Start by clearing out the sugar and then find some peace of mind. 

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Let It Go.

Almost 20% of the U.S. population suffers from anxiety and stress. 

Wouldn’t you rather be part of the 80%? That’s entirely up to you my friend. 

Take control of your anxiety, stress and overwhelm once and for all by implementing three steps. It’s all you’ll ever need to regain the peace and calm you’ve been searching for. 

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Sugar Cleanse - www.lorriweisen.com

Clean It Up.

Problems with blood sugar kill nearly four million people a year.

Have you ever said…”Oh, I know I shouldn’t be eating this but…”

Want to cut back on your sugar intake but not sure where to begin? My 10 Day Sugar Cleanse will give you the tools you need to reboot your system and create a healthy relationship with sugar. 

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