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My favorite health and wellness podcasts and books.

Couple these great podcasts and audiobooks with your morning walk and you’ll double your health benefit. I’m an avid learner so I’ll update often as I find new things to listen to.

Download wherever you get your podcasts or audiobooks. 

Podcasts (no particular order)

Books (some old, some new)

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I’m Lorri — The Nomadic Health Coach. I’m an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, writer, nomad, and widow of a three-time cancer hero.

FoIlow along as I travel across the country in my teardrop—sharing my adventures and wellness advice.
Lorri Weisen

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Follow my crazy-fun wellness journey as I leave behind my former life to travel America the Beautiful and Canada exploring, experiencing, and sharing what’s good—good health, good adventures, and good life. 

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