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Watching The Magic Unfold

Sold My House, Bought A Teardrop; Three Months Till Lift Off. (6 min read)

I just want to start this off by saying I am physical, living proof that you can absolutely positively, manifest your dreams. In the last six months I have watched the magic in my life unfold right in front of my eyes, better than anything I could have planned myself. Almost like watching a movie of my own life while my life is still happening. This is how The Law of Attraction works. 

This magic is available to us all. 

Several months after my husband Klink died, I started updating my house to refresh my space and clear out the last 10 years of chaos and heaviness. As I was painting and cleaning I knew deep down that I wouldn’t be staying here forever yet I really didn’t know where I would go or what I would do. At his service I had been given the advice not to make any big decisions in the first year and I am glad I listened. It gave me the time and space to just “be” as I contemplated my future. As I climbed out of my grief and began to heal, I started thinking about taking a road trip to Oceanside, California to scatter his ashes on the beach where he lived after his time in the service. (One of three places I would be doing this.) I would take Route 66 all the way there in a small teardrop trailer and explore some beautiful Americana along the way. I didn’t make any plans, had no details, just started bookmarking websites and dreaming of a quiet, peaceful journey.

As time went on, this idea started to blossom into a full-time life on the road. In this day and age it’s quite easy to be location independent and there are plenty of people doing it. In year two, after his death, I started focusing on what I wanted for myself and my future. I had just closed my company, become a Certified Nutritional Health Coach and planned on creating an online business to help others live healthier lives. There was no reason why I couldn’t do this remotely and so I contemplated selling the house and traveling full time. 

I gave myself an August deadline for making a decision on either staying or leaving and when the time came to paint my front door orange, I would know my answer.

I had made plans to walk the Camino de Santiago in September and believed that after 7 weeks walking across Spain I would have a clear vision of how I would live and work remotely. I was mulling over two options; live and work in Europe for a year and then return and travel the U.S. for another year by housesitting, RV’ing and other means. Or, do the opposite; live and work on the road in the U.S. and then head to Europe for year two. I knew when I reached the “end of the world” I would have discovered what my next steps would be and then come home and start planning my new life.

That’s when this whole magical experience truly began to unfold.

One week before I was to leave for Spain, my appendix ruptured and I immediately knew I would be cancelling my trip. I couldn’t help but be grateful for the timing of this because the scenario could have been fatal had I been on my Camino walk when it happened. Six weeks of recovery time gave me plenty of opportunity to think. As I started to come out of the fog, I realized that traveling Europe for the next year would’ve continued to keep me in limbo and what I really wanted was to begin a new career and have some sort of “structure” for my life. I’d been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and really missed having a business to focus on.

So I made the decision to explore a life on the road as a Nomadic Health Coach. My project—The Live Well Perspective—will be a 2 year adventure that has me road tripping’ across America The Beautiful and Canada—exploring, experiencing, and sharing what’s good: Good health – good adventures – good life.

Now that I knew what I wanted, I began focusing ONLY on that. I didn’t think about the “what if something goes wrong”, or the “this is what I don’t want” side of it (although I did do my due diligence on safety, security and being a solo female traveler). If I worried about every little thing that could go wrong or how it would all unfold, I’d be a nervous wreck, frozen with fear and I’d never move forward. I’m capable and smart enough to figure anything out so focusing on all of the unknowns seemed like a waste of energy. I also know the Universe is always on my side and that things are always working out for me. That’s usually how and why our manifestations and dreams never come to fruition. It’s not that the Universe stops delivering them, it’s because we stop allowing and receiving them. We put up blocks of apprehension and walls of resistance that stop the flow of energy. It’s as if the Universe—and all the details of our dreams—are standing just outside our door waiting for us to open it up; to let it saunter it’s way in. But we keep the door closed, sometimes locked, or only open it a crack to catch a glimpse of our future and then run and hide under the covers because we don’t feel deserving of such happiness. Then we proceed to justify to everyone we meet, all of the reasons why we can’t (don’t!) open the door. Which just keeps the door closed!

Or maybe we’re afraid of having happiness? Is it because there is so much unhappiness in the world we feel ashamed to have our own? While so many others are suffering we feel we should deprive ourselves for risk of being a “have” instead of a “have not”. For fear of being silently judged or criticized for being happy when the entire world seems to be falling apart? But that’s not how it works! We can’t feel bad enough to make someone else feel good, we can’t be sick enough to help someone else be well, and we can’t be poor enough to make another feel abundant. For us to create our own suffering, because another is suffering, doesn’t help them at all. In fact, it only hurts them. And it hurts us too.

Not this girl. I’m all in.

Happiness is my birthright—as it is for all of us—and I intend to experience as much of it as possible in this life. I’ve seen enough sadness in my life to know that wanting happiness is a no-brainer. I know for sure that when I am happy and “on my game” I have way more to offer the world than when I am not. This is true for all of humanity.

I had no idea how this vision of my life on the road was going to unfold, I only knew I had several things to do:

  • Buy a truck
  • Sell my car
  • Buy a teardrop trailer
  • Sell my house

I had no idea which to do first and which to do last. I decided to trust my gut feelings to know when it was time to make a move and really allow the Universe to just bring it all to me. I only knew for sure what type of truck and trailer I wanted and I knew I wanted to leave spring 2019.

That’s when the fun began.

  • In November I found a 2017 Ford F150 on Carfax. At 13,500 miles it had everything I needed (and more) for towing the trailer I wanted and the price had dropped $4K. I took it for a test drive the following day, did some negotiating and became the owner. As I was driving it home I noticed the speedometer was in kilometers and not MPH. I switched it from metric to imperial and noticed the odometer switched as well which meant that the actual mileage was 8388 and not 13,500! The truck originated in Canada and no-one thought to check on the metric/imperial conversion which totally worked out in my favor. Not only did it extend the life of my warranty, I’m basically driving a brand new truck at an incredibly good price. 
  • One week after buying my truck, I received a check in the mail from my husband’s lawyer. It was a partial payout from a wrongful death lawsuit my husband had been a part of for Asbestos related Lung Cancer. The check was for the exact amount of money I paid for the truck the week before.
  • I brought my 2005 Solara convertible in for detailing and then backed it into the garage not knowing how I was going to sell a pretty ragtop—in Minnesota, in the winter, right before Christmas. The next day a guy came knocking on my front door and asked if I still drove the white convertible and if I was in the market to sell it. (True story!) Of course I let him right in and two weeks later I drove it over to his house with a big red bow on it to surprise his wife on her birthday. So much fun!
  • Last week I traveled to Nashville for a big RV show to purchase my teardrop trailer. I had been working with a few dealers and really loved the customer service I received at Bankston Motorhomes in Huntsville, Alabama. Gene and I had negotiated a fair price on my Little Guy Max Rough Rider and I wanted to see it in person and take some measurements. I put a deposit on the trailer on Friday and as I was signing the papers, I overheard that Janine Pettit of The Girl Camper Podcast was going to be speaking the following day. Janine has had a huge influence on me in the last year as I learned the in’s and out’s of exploring life on the road from her show. It’s because of her I understood what type of tow vehicle I needed, how to tow safely, what not to do on the road, and the communities of women that are here to support me such as Sisters On The Fly—a group of 13,000 women nationwide who tow and camp. I went back the next day, met Janine along with four other Sisters On The Fly and we became instant friends. I started to tear up as I left as I couldn’t help but think this was just a taste of what my life is going to be like on the road. I felt so supported and loved and I knew buying this trailer was a perfect decision for me.
  • My plan was to put my house on the market in February with a closing for mid-March. This would give me time to go pick up my trailer, get things settled in it, tie up all my loose ends here in MN and get on the road by May 1st. I am lucky enough to have my aunt and uncle as my realtors (Havlish Home Team) and when Patty contacted me on Monday before I left for Nashville to ask if she could do a showing even though my house wasn’t on the market yet, I said sure! She had a couple that had been searching for awhile and felt they would really like my space. She brought them over on Thursday and on Sunday they put in an offer. I just about fell off my chair.

This is really happening. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!

I was sitting in my sweet East Nashville Airbnb just thinking of all the things that had to happen in order for this dream to manifest—buying the truck, selling the car, buying the trailer, selling the house. They’ve all been accomplished with very little effort on my part. It’s all unfolded perfectly and I was feeling happy as I could be. I was overcome with such incredible emotion the tears started streaming down my cheeks.

And then something extraordinary occurred.

In that moment of pure joy, I could feel Klink standing in front of me with his arms outstretched to grab my hands. The song Bright Side Of The Road from Michael — one of Klink’s favorite movies that just so happened to be about an angel—filled the entire room. He looked at me with the biggest grin he’s ever had, his eyes glossy with joyful tears. He was wearing his bright tie-dye t-shirt, blue jeans and was beaming all the love he ever had for me—right at my heart. I could feel it so intensely I thought I would burst! He clasped onto my hands, swung my arms to and fro as he was walked backwards and pulled me forward—to dance in the quirky way he so often did. And then I felt him say, “This is for you Lorri Jean — this is all for you”. I knew exactly what he meant. All of this unfolding and manifesting in perfect order…he was behind it all.

Of course he was!

For about 20 seconds I felt the soul part of me connect with him in a way I’ve never experienced before. It’s as if I were in another dimension; I could feel him and see him and hear him and touch him. He was singing to me and he was happy and healthy and beautiful.

We used to dance together in our kitchen, but in this moment we were dancing in heaven.

As you can imagine, after that, I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would be selling my house in the next 24 hours and it was going to be everything I had hoped it would be. I had a fair amount of equity and a magic number in my head I wanted to hit. This would allow me to go into this new life with a cushion and not a lot of financial pressure. I flew home on Monday morning and by the time I went to bed I had made a verbal agreement to accept the full price offer. Seriously, this was the easiest and smoothest thing ever. The funnest part about this is the buyers put their home on the market on Saturday and it sold the same day I accepted their offer. Perfect timing for us all. My house sold before the listing even went to print. The way everything has been playing out I am sure the appraisal will come through and the closing will be seamless.

Oh! And they promised to leave Klink’s wedding shoes hanging in the Maple tree.

If this all sounds magical, it’s because it is. This is how The Law of Attraction works and it’s available to us all. I’m a normal gal just like anyone else on the planet. I’ve just learned how to focus on what I want and then to get out of the way and let it happen. I believe one of the keys is to stop trying to control every piece of it, to stop trying to control the outcome. Trust that the Universe, God, Source Energy, The Creator—whatever we want to call it—is always bringing us the very best of what we want.

If something feels good to us when we think about it—we’re excited, it feels like the next logical step, there’s no doubts at all—then we are in synch with the energy. We’ll know when it’s time to make a move. Simply put, if it feels good, we’re ready. But if there’s any worry, confusion, anxiety, or we feel that we need help—we’re not ready to move forward. We want to have that in-the-moment-feeling of readiness before taking any steps towards the dream—towards anything for that matter. If we feel displeased in any way in a moment of choice—we shouldn’t take any action! This is because we are not in synch with any clarity or energy and it probably won’t go so well. Or it will be much more difficult than it has to be. When we are feeling truly eager about something, than we should go for it—take some action! The pieces will all fall into place.

Taking a step back to notice if we are in a moment of inspiration—or a moment of angst—when making any decision, makes all the difference in the world with how our life unfolds. It’s completely in our control.

Sometimes we’re more ready than others and the key is to know the difference.

If you look back on some of your manifested experiences, or manifested dreams, I’ll bet you’ve had some unfold just as easy or magical as this has for me. It’s about perfect timing, being in the right place at the right time, being open to things when you don’t know how they’ll play out, letting go of control, and going along with the current. It’s about focusing on what you want and not the lack of it. That’s really all it is.

Quite simple and easy once you get the hang of it. 

Would love to hear of some of your experiences! Leave a comment below to share!

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  1. Richard Cordell July 30, 2019 at 9:02 am - Reply

    Hello and good morning Lorri,

    Visited with you up in Idyllwild, Sunday morning at the “Higher Grounds” coffee shop. I did hang around long enough to meet the Mayor, Max,
    as well as enjoy the live music and a couple of beers at “Leanns’s Idyll-Awhile” wine and bistro place. Had to get back down the hill for work, but enjoyed hearing about your story and adventures. Certainly you’ll enjoy Oceanside and your planned drive up and down the coast of California.
    So much beauty to see and enjoy being so close to. Will you take a few scenic pictures on your trip to share on this blog? It’s been a few years
    since I’ve been up around Big Sur and longer than that, up into the Yosemite Valley. Another word of caution, however, besides keeping safe is to keep all your tires up to their recommended pressure, as it will change with altitude and temperature. That way you’ll minimize the change of a blowout if the pressure gets too high or poorer gas mileage if the pressure gets too low, for example. I’ve signed up for your newsletter to keep up with your adventures. And of course I could always use a good recipe! Kind regards and best wishes, Richard Cordell

    • Lorri Weisen August 17, 2019 at 10:46 pm - Reply

      Hello Richard. Nice to hear from you:) Idyllwild is such a fun place, isn’t it? Glad you got to meet Max, I never made it back down the hill. Thanks for the tire pressure tip, will heed your advice!

  2. Laura March 9, 2019 at 2:52 pm - Reply

    Oh Lorri, so good to read your hopeful story. I have decided this year, I start to live again now with eyes open and with awareness. I believe anything is possible when you believe. Go gettem girl. Much love, Laura

  3. Amy Rundle February 7, 2019 at 2:35 pm - Reply

    Sobbing…Love You, Love Klink…You’re the definition of inspiration ❤️❤️❤️

    • Lorri Weisen February 9, 2019 at 1:40 pm - Reply

      Oh my gosh – I’m making everyone cry!! lol. Thanks for the love Amy <3

  4. Blair February 5, 2019 at 6:55 pm - Reply

    Fantastic!!! I will miss seeing you drive on by…but am very excited to follow along on your adventure!

    • Lorri Weisen February 9, 2019 at 1:39 pm - Reply

      And I will miss seeing you walk by! Glad you are following and keep an eye on the new owners 😉 😉

  5. Katie Schoenrock February 5, 2019 at 5:30 pm - Reply

    I’m bawling reading this. What a beautiful connection you and Klink have. I sure miss him. He loved you so much and I know he is so so so proud of you Lorri!! Congratulations on selling the house!

    • Lorri Weisen February 9, 2019 at 1:38 pm - Reply

      Thanks Katie!! I miss him too 🙂 And he is behind me all the way on this!

  6. Anna Marie Sprain February 4, 2019 at 10:47 pm - Reply

    Lori thank you for sharing your story. As I read I heard in my spirit the Steven Curtis Chapman song “Glorious Unfolding”, it is your song! Sister #8770 and I hope to meet you sometime on your journey. Blessings!

  7. Donna Taverna February 4, 2019 at 6:10 am - Reply

    Great post!! Sister #1627

  8. Kristin February 3, 2019 at 5:39 pm - Reply

    I’m so glad I took the time to read your story. I’m in the process of a painful divorce, selling my home and buying another just for me. I also have a camper on order. In fact I’m Sister # 29 in Sisters on the Fly. I am moving one foot in front of the other, step by step trusting my higher power has my back. My house sold in less than 48hrs with 3 bidders. The house I bought had another offer and mine won out. I can’t help but believe things are working just as they are meant to even though I don’t know my destination. I have two groups of amazing friends supporting me all the way. As one of my friends says they are my mattress if I should fall. I plan to spend the next year just catching my breath and finding peace and serenity in recreating the yard to my favor.

    • Lorri Weisen February 4, 2019 at 8:27 am - Reply

      Kristin – Thank you for sharing your story! You sound like you have an amazing support group and are on a peaceful and calming path. And sister #29?!? Wow! I’m sister #12956! Have a beautiful time in your yard!

  9. Lin R Johnson February 3, 2019 at 3:52 pm - Reply

    Enjoyed your story. Good Luck on your adventure and enjoy the ride.

  10. Joan Porter February 3, 2019 at 1:11 pm - Reply

    Great inspiration and story, very happy for you.

  11. Jackie February 2, 2019 at 8:14 pm - Reply

    I believe it’s having faith in God and realizing he had control and always has. Confusion is caused by thinking you have control when you never did! Listen to your heart, it’s all about having faith. Best of everything Lorri 😍

  12. Bobbi Beberg February 2, 2019 at 4:56 pm - Reply

    Love your story and your writing!! So positive and inspiring! You and I are a lot alike. I can’t wait to meet you ( we bought your house)!!!

    • Lorri Weisen February 4, 2019 at 8:31 am - Reply

      Oh hello there!!! I can’t wait to meet you too! You are going to love this home so very much:)

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